Monday, November 28, 2016

Of contaminated tissue culture

Assalamualaikum and Hi all...

Last September, we were having a lab session on tissue culture subject. We were required to do a seed-surface sterilization and in vitro culture of chilli seed where you had to establish an aseptic condition in laminar air flow, a place that looks like a cabinet or closet where you have to sterilize all the equipment to be used inside it even your hand that will be going to work in it ! And you have to sterilize all those things with alcohol such as ethanol. Swab the all those flask and beakers anddd your hand with the ethanol. Oh aseptic condition is a microorganisms-free environment means all those foreign things like bacteria fungi cannot infect the tissue culture work. Yeah I remember all those definitions of the tissue culture's terms! You know, we have to memorize and understand the terms (mostly new to me) that being used in tissue culture world and dua kali ditanya soalan definition of "habituation", dua kali jugak aku salah duhhh. This is an example when man (read:amni) didnt learn from mistake uhh. 

We have to be extra extra careful when working inside the laminar air flow cabinet. Make sure that you sterilize well, dont speak while work under the cabinet, seriously DO NOT SPEAK because you know your mouth contains lots of undesired microbes haha. If you take out your hand from the laminar air flow, you have to swab them back with ethanol bila nak masuk dalam tu balik. It needs lots lots lots of patience mann. If dont do it properly, the culture will be contaminated. And I had been given chance to do the culture of chilli seed andnn guess what? Both jar that I did were contaminated faceplam  WHATTTT. I dont know what are the causes but Dr said it is normal since it was my first time doing the tissue culture lab. But duhhh why Amni why ?? I messep up my group's lab result lol. Dr said it is normal to fail since that was my first doing this tissue culture lab.

When you are having extra creative group member, cara diorang menganjing aku buat lab tissue culture pastu contaminated, letak picture of my contaminated culture as whatsapp's group icon. Aku perati je korang ni heh

Sunday, November 6, 2016

of morning coffee

Assalamualaikum and morning guys

This morning, wake up with the chill all over my body. Lately, the weather become more humid biasanya kalau all day long will be mendung and hujan and it is indicating that the monsoon will soon arrive. Plus I'm staying at Pantai Timur region.

Bangun pagi tadi dengan perasaan seribu penyesalan dalam hati cursing diri sendiri whyyyyy kenapa aku tak study malam tadi? malam tadi aku buat apa? aku tak start study apa apa lagi ni . Hmm tu lah. I am supposed to start revising on Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life subject since the exam will be on Monday. Well, biasalah kita hanya merancang puihhh. I end up with doing othing and sleep early last night. Bravo Amni, bravo. Then, jump up from the cozy bed, go to shower and make breakfast. Tadaa weekend breakfast.

coffee for breakfast is a wajibun untuk seorang amni

and a muffin from last night dinner leftover lol

Usually on weekdays only manage to make a cup of coffee since class start at 8 am everyday. Kadang-kadang tak sempat makan apa apa then, between class at 10 am baru breakfast.

And there was a calling at my department whatsapp group for everyone with free time to go to the Glasshouse to settle some works. But sorry  my program manager, rasa bersalah tak study malam tadi lagi menghantui huhu petang later I pergi yee

I have to begin my revision on this Ethics and Fiqh subject lol Kau buat apa menulis kat sini lagi ni ameni hah

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

of lab reports and rants


Thinking that, "Yes, Im going to open my blog and do some blogging !" Then you have to know that I am in the middle of the struggle. This week technically is going to be the hardest one. Today baru je Tuesday but I feel like I have done works much for a week. Finishing result for tissue culture lab, collecting observation for tissue culture lab and physiology lab, dividing parts between group member for reproductive and polyploidy lab. And those things I've been mentioned were LAB. Too many to handle, four lab report have to be submitted on this Friday. And waiting for me, a midterm exam on Thursday and also an assignment on Friday and more to come the next week.

And I just got back from a field trip, to Larut Matang Perak and did some hiking at Bukit Larut. My body has been ached everywhere, tak hilang lagi sakitnya pastu kena berperang dengan those assignments and lab report sigh sigh sigh. And plus, having some emotional problem (I somehow involve in it and kinda have to solve it) but I decide to ignore it because tak muat dah nak letak kat mana dalam kepala ni. Pandai-pandai lah korang yang terlibat tu settle eh, semua dah besar kan. I cannot make everyone happy okay, I'm not pizza. But I'm hoping for the best to you guys k.

My field trip was a great one although I have to sacrifice my mid semester break (the field was on hujung midsem break). Balik rumah empat hari je weh setelah tiga bulan tak balik. But anything for you, my CGPA babeh tangan atas bahu mata tengok atas. Planning to do some blogging about the field trip but my phone's camera just broken down at that time and most of pics taken at Bukit Larut were goneeeee. Repeat. goonnneeeee. Rasa macam nak nangis je tsk tsk. Hate chu phone.

And that broken phone camera almost make nangis tak berlagu. All those observation for  my tissue culture lab (where we have to observe the germination of chilli seed)  and physiology lab ( we have to observe the growth of chilli plant) were captured by my phone. Seharian cari jalan macam mana nak get those pics again. Nasib baik boleh recover file. And I was bajet-bajet jadi IT genius dapat jumpa those lost and deleted pics. Kalau tak, akan jadi big disadvantage for my lab group fuhh.

And I think I really have to stop here. Have to get back to my lab reports hewhew. kbye

Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Semester Break Guys !

Assalamualaikum and Hai peeps !

It's been a looong time since my last update. I already leaving home for the new semester. Been here in Kuantan since Friday and will have the first class session for this semester tomorrow. I have been struggling too much nak kutip semangat since arriving here *sigh* . Since I'd been enjoying my semester break too much tak ingat dunia kikiki

Orait. Dah habeh dah vocab nak taip dalam bahasa omputih.

Cuti semester yang panjang, campur tolak 3 bulan di rumah adalah satu kebahagiaan yang tak terungkap. It was amazing. Yep. Amazing. Had chance to do lots of activities. Highlight for my semester break is, a lot of gathering with highschool mates. Of course, friends that you made in high school is gonna be your bestfriend for life. Haritu start cuti awal bulan puasa since my last paper was on 2nd June. First gathering was in Ramadhan, had ifthar jama'ie with my classmates in 5 Alpha. It a bless to meet them all after dah lama tak tengok muka memasing. Ada yang tak berubah dari dulu dan ada yang lain dari dulu. It was so fun, semua orang kecoh nak update pasal diri masing-masing. We had ifthar, borak-borak then sambung lagi borak-borak in makan colek session sampai pukul 12 tengah malam baru sampai rumah. Layankan aje yang nak pi makan colek haih. Thanks Dinie and Meso berbesar hati datang amik kat rumah dan hantar aku balik kikiki.

The Alphanian. Most of us was there.
Pastu celebrate the Eid kat rumah which was like heaven for me. Then lepas Eid, berpeluang untuk gather with my girlfriends. Since semua orang tengah cuti, susah benor nak ada timing cuti sama. so, apa lagi, sakan kami hang out whenever have time.

First one, went to Pantai Nami which is located at Pantai Senak. I guess many of you know this place, got its name because the landscape resemble the one at Nami Island in South Korea (little fact about this place). Anyway, this is the first time aku jejak kaki kat sana, well being jakun is soo me. The trees were planted in line and its view was spectacular except banyak sampah lah kat sana. Mungkin sebab too much people visit then buang sampah merata, typical Malaysian I guess buang sampah dengan betul pun tak gheti

I love this pic. Everyone look so tall. Optical illusion guys.

And being a photographer be like
Then, tak sah lah kalau tak pi melepak kat tempat lepak official kami, Pantai Irama. Yang ni pun tak cukup korum. Hanya kami berlima.

"Alaaa saya duk depan mesti muka besor nanti" Ayat wajib orang yang kena tekan shutter camera.

Ais krim legend.

Susah maa mau jumpa ini gadis. After a long time fuhh
Then, there you go kami makan-makan while celebrating Bazilah's birthday ! And get back with Fadlina jsut finish her second year medical school, baru balik dari Egypt.

Spending time at Aeon Mall. Biasalah, we were yang paling bising hahaha

Disclaimer : I dunt really eat mushroom

Me trying to make testimoni for the wide lens using my legs. It's really wide guys. My posed leg come out nicely.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The One when I Just Being Myself

I learned that I'm sucks in sharing my problem and complains to other people. 

People told me, often, that I'm rarely share my problem to other people. "Do you ever have problems or difficulties in your life?" Sounds like this, their words to me. Haha. Mannn, I'm a human being too, just like you. Of course there are times when I'm upset, annoyyed, nak marah orang, rasa macam nak flip the table. But mostly I failed to express it or talk about it. Because.... emmm , I just dont know why. I forgot about it, orrr wait, I keep on forgetting the things in the past. Am I having short-term memory problem? Ermmm

This is I want to tell you. From my perspective, yaa I do admit that I often forgot things, even I forgot what I felt. The true thing is, I totally easily get distracted. By anything. Contoh, tengah serabut stress annoyed with something sorang-sorang. Then, came my friend buat lawak share something funny huha huha gelak. At that time, terus lupa about the things that troubled me earlier. Thats it.  Mudah terhibur,you can say.  Malam sebelumnya, some of my classmate really annoyed me, feel like nak cepukk je each of them. But the day after, aku gelak jugak diorang buat lawak dalam kelas. Having problems tu wajib, we are humans. But I tend not to -share with others, mostly. Not because I dont trust them, but I dont feel like to share. Kadang-kadang bendanya too personal, maybe between me and Him only. But things that needed to be shared, of course I will share with my close friend and family. And being as the center of attention is totally not my thing. People giving their attention to me? Oh noo, its feeling weird, I will be, extremely maluu and say, "no need to do this to me!" I'm sorry,that introvert thing is going strong haha.

And I am totally fine being like this. Penat doe nak rasa sakit hati marah-marah orang. Handling problems according to your emotion, you will end up penat, physically and mentally. Having a positive mind is a bless I can say. Because everyone has their own reason,on why they are doing something. Tak berkenan, try being in his or her shoes. Trying to be empathy but not too much. Being too kind can also harm you. People tend to take advantage on you. Be kind and firm.

Some people are having trouble when dealing with me. While I'm just being myself there hehe. Should I be sorry for being myself? err. 

I learned that you cant wait people to go to you and ask, "Are you okay?" . Everyone is busy with their own life thus they obviously cant make their time to take care of your problem and emotion. So, things need to be done, have to be done. 

People also say I am cool. Oh mannn. Weaaalyyy?? Meh sini, *hugs*

Monday, March 7, 2016

how are you girls?

1:30 AM

The midnight. I would feel most motivated during this time. When the silence come and all I can feel is the cold wind enter my room from my opened window. This is the time that I always generate ideas to write and philosophizing. Or maybe planning for my future kahkah.

This is also the time when I miss those who were,still and will be forever dearest to me.

My girlfriends.

I would be sighing and regretting. Scolding myself that I have been abandoning them. I rarely catching up with them since I started my university life. Well, everyone experiences this. After graduating high school, everyone is going to different path, pursuing own's dream. And we got rarely talk to each other. The only time that we 'bising-bising' only in special occasion. New Year, someone's birthday, the Eids. Everyone is busy with their own life. It cant be avoid as we are doing different things now. Gathering also could be hard. It is hardly to have the same holiday time because everyone is staying at different places.

Time midnight like this lah buat aku teringat kat mereka-mereka. Are they still remember me as their friend? Are they still remember the things that we did together? All those crazy things that we have done. How I miss them.

Wondering how they are doing right now. Are they doing alright now? They must be happy now. Kalau ada masalah, for sure, they will have someone to lean on. They will have their happy days. Enjoying their lives as much as they can. It is just me that always looking back at the old time.

Not a disappointment. Not a betrayal that I feel. But a real happiness from deep inside my heart.

And how I feel bad because I rarely contact the girls. Selalu lupa semua orang punya birthday, then terlepas that moment. Time ni lah yang aku nak marah kat diri sendiri.

I wish they dont read this muahaha. xoxo

9 years and counting. 10 years and counting.

it is never too late.

As someone who are dear to me said,
" it is never too late to start again "

Well, it affects me, so much. When I was finding myself, she give me this quote. It was suddenly make me realize that I'd lost my dear self to another me that built from my negative thinking. I forgot how I was optimist back then. It's make me realize that I shouldnt give up and I have to make it up again.

Whenever I am doing things, I never forget that there will be another chance if I fail the first chance. Like the saying, dont worry if your plan A is failed, there are 25 more alphabet for you to try. But it doesnt mean that I dont have to do my best at the first try. Definitely I have to try my very best to do anything but this saying told me, the 'hope' is there if you dont success in the first try. It will avoid myself from being pessimist and heart broken.

It's fascinating when one's simple word can change my life. Even the most cliche one.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dilemma of a Blogger and Instagrammer

I am often in confusing whenever I want to post or share something. Pening! Nak share kat instagram ke blog?

Me everytime :

Okay, lemme take a pic of this ,wanna share on instagram. Then bila taip caption, alamakk panjang la pulak, better buat entry baru kat blog, taklah bersawang je blog tu.

Then, bila nak taip kat blog, emmmm macam tak best je, pendek sangat tak worth an entry pun. And sometime, idea nak tulis caption kat ig tu mencurah-curah tapi bila nak menaip entry kat blog terus blank idea hilang terbang.

Eventually, I did not post or share on both haha. This is just a waste making myself pening choosing between those two. I dont know whether other people experience this but I am seriously having problem with this.

Aih susah-susah. Last last neither ig nor blog yang active. Dua dua bersawang.

Susahnya jadi seorang amni. Selalu buat kepala sendiri pusing.

This entry too. Was confused nak post kat instagram ke blog? But most people dont know I own a blog, so not gonna share this in instagram teehee

Friday, January 1, 2016

It is New Year everybodyyyhhh

How my new year's eve looks alike,

Hell yeah.
Sneaking from my study time to go online for a second and update my blog. 



Ha ha happy new year guys.

Now come the cliché new year speech,

Happy New Year all.  May the new year being a bless for everyone. May all of you be happy in this year. 2015 has been the year I'd my most ups and downs but its been a good year overall. May the upcoming year brings greater things, more milestones to reach and just all of life's goodness. Alhamdulillah for the great things that had happened throughout the year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful,better, stronger year ahead. My resolution for this new year : bla bla bla

Kayyy Done. that speech I took from a few instagram updates muahahaha. And more to come toward the new year's eve. Overall everyone talking about being grateful for 2015. So, there is me copying and pasting. 

How about me? Sorry couldnt manage to make any speech because I am busy right. busy. yupp, I am busy right now. lol joking 

Yepp, I am actually struggling with final exam right now. Will have a biochemistry paper to be answered on 2nd January. Takde masa nak fikir pasal tahun baru huaaaa sedih tol hidup aku. Tapi takpe ramai lagi yang senasib. Be strong guys brace it!

Tahun baru, azam baru. Cepat-cepat listkan azam baru semua then tepek kat peti ais ye.

How was my 2015? Nantilah kita story. 

Kbye. Happy New Year. again.