Monday, November 28, 2016

Of contaminated tissue culture

Assalamualaikum and Hi all...

Last September, we were having a lab session on tissue culture subject. We were required to do a seed-surface sterilization and in vitro culture of chilli seed where you had to establish an aseptic condition in laminar air flow, a place that looks like a cabinet or closet where you have to sterilize all the equipment to be used inside it even your hand that will be going to work in it ! And you have to sterilize all those things with alcohol such as ethanol. Swab the all those flask and beakers anddd your hand with the ethanol. Oh aseptic condition is a microorganisms-free environment means all those foreign things like bacteria fungi cannot infect the tissue culture work. Yeah I remember all those definitions of the tissue culture's terms! You know, we have to memorize and understand the terms (mostly new to me) that being used in tissue culture world and dua kali ditanya soalan definition of "habituation", dua kali jugak aku salah duhhh. This is an example when man (read:amni) didnt learn from mistake uhh. 

We have to be extra extra careful when working inside the laminar air flow cabinet. Make sure that you sterilize well, dont speak while work under the cabinet, seriously DO NOT SPEAK because you know your mouth contains lots of undesired microbes haha. If you take out your hand from the laminar air flow, you have to swab them back with ethanol bila nak masuk dalam tu balik. It needs lots lots lots of patience mann. If dont do it properly, the culture will be contaminated. And I had been given chance to do the culture of chilli seed andnn guess what? Both jar that I did were contaminated faceplam  WHATTTT. I dont know what are the causes but Dr said it is normal since it was my first time doing the tissue culture lab. But duhhh why Amni why ?? I messep up my group's lab result lol. Dr said it is normal to fail since that was my first doing this tissue culture lab.

When you are having extra creative group member, cara diorang menganjing aku buat lab tissue culture pastu contaminated, letak picture of my contaminated culture as whatsapp's group icon. Aku perati je korang ni heh

Sunday, November 6, 2016

of morning coffee

Assalamualaikum and morning guys

This morning, wake up with the chill all over my body. Lately, the weather become more humid biasanya kalau all day long will be mendung and hujan and it is indicating that the monsoon will soon arrive. Plus I'm staying at Pantai Timur region.

Bangun pagi tadi dengan perasaan seribu penyesalan dalam hati cursing diri sendiri whyyyyy kenapa aku tak study malam tadi? malam tadi aku buat apa? aku tak start study apa apa lagi ni . Hmm tu lah. I am supposed to start revising on Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life subject since the exam will be on Monday. Well, biasalah kita hanya merancang puihhh. I end up with doing othing and sleep early last night. Bravo Amni, bravo. Then, jump up from the cozy bed, go to shower and make breakfast. Tadaa weekend breakfast.

coffee for breakfast is a wajibun untuk seorang amni

and a muffin from last night dinner leftover lol

Usually on weekdays only manage to make a cup of coffee since class start at 8 am everyday. Kadang-kadang tak sempat makan apa apa then, between class at 10 am baru breakfast.

And there was a calling at my department whatsapp group for everyone with free time to go to the Glasshouse to settle some works. But sorry  my program manager, rasa bersalah tak study malam tadi lagi menghantui huhu petang later I pergi yee

I have to begin my revision on this Ethics and Fiqh subject lol Kau buat apa menulis kat sini lagi ni ameni hah

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

of lab reports and rants


Thinking that, "Yes, Im going to open my blog and do some blogging !" Then you have to know that I am in the middle of the struggle. This week technically is going to be the hardest one. Today baru je Tuesday but I feel like I have done works much for a week. Finishing result for tissue culture lab, collecting observation for tissue culture lab and physiology lab, dividing parts between group member for reproductive and polyploidy lab. And those things I've been mentioned were LAB. Too many to handle, four lab report have to be submitted on this Friday. And waiting for me, a midterm exam on Thursday and also an assignment on Friday and more to come the next week.

And I just got back from a field trip, to Larut Matang Perak and did some hiking at Bukit Larut. My body has been ached everywhere, tak hilang lagi sakitnya pastu kena berperang dengan those assignments and lab report sigh sigh sigh. And plus, having some emotional problem (I somehow involve in it and kinda have to solve it) but I decide to ignore it because tak muat dah nak letak kat mana dalam kepala ni. Pandai-pandai lah korang yang terlibat tu settle eh, semua dah besar kan. I cannot make everyone happy okay, I'm not pizza. But I'm hoping for the best to you guys k.

My field trip was a great one although I have to sacrifice my mid semester break (the field was on hujung midsem break). Balik rumah empat hari je weh setelah tiga bulan tak balik. But anything for you, my CGPA babeh tangan atas bahu mata tengok atas. Planning to do some blogging about the field trip but my phone's camera just broken down at that time and most of pics taken at Bukit Larut were goneeeee. Repeat. goonnneeeee. Rasa macam nak nangis je tsk tsk. Hate chu phone.

And that broken phone camera almost make nangis tak berlagu. All those observation for  my tissue culture lab (where we have to observe the germination of chilli seed)  and physiology lab ( we have to observe the growth of chilli plant) were captured by my phone. Seharian cari jalan macam mana nak get those pics again. Nasib baik boleh recover file. And I was bajet-bajet jadi IT genius dapat jumpa those lost and deleted pics. Kalau tak, akan jadi big disadvantage for my lab group fuhh.

And I think I really have to stop here. Have to get back to my lab reports hewhew. kbye