Sunday, March 15, 2015


Assalamualaikum and holla guys and girls

Just wanna share you this story. Last night, I was in IIUM Kuantan attending the Closing Ceremony of Palestine Week. And there was a wonderful recitation from a sister (I forgot her name). She recite a poem that was written by a Canadian-Palestinian journalist, Rafeef Ziadah. Subhanallah, that was a much inspiring poem. And I was like, nanti balik kena cari yang original punya. Then, I found it and I really want to share with you guys. Enjoy and Feel it. Smile.

"Today, my body was a TV’d massacre.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits filled enough with statistics to counter measured response.

And I perfected my English and I learned my UN resolutions.

But still, he asked me, Ms. Ziadah, don’t you think that everything would be resolved if you would just stop teaching so much hatred to your children?


I look inside of me for strength to be patient but patience is not at the tip of my tongue as the bombs drop over Gaza.

Patience has just escaped me.

Pause. Smile.

We teach life, sir.

Rafeef, remember to smile.


We teach life, sir.

We Palestinians teach life after they have occupied the last sky.

We teach life after they have built their settlements and apartheid walls, after the last skies.

We teach life, sir.

But today, my body was a TV’d massacre made to fit into sound-bites and word limits.

And just give us a story, a human story.

You see, this is not political.

We just want to tell people about you and your people so give us a human story.

Don’t mention that word “apartheid” and “occupation”.

This is not political.

You have to help me as a journalist to help you tell your story which is not a political story.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre.

How about you give us a story of a woman in Gaza who needs medication?

How about you?

Do you have enough bone-broken limbs to cover the sun?

Hand me over your dead and give me the list of their names in one thousand two hundred word limits.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits and move those that are desensitized to terrorist blood.

But they felt sorry.

They felt sorry for the cattle over Gaza.

So, I give them UN resolutions and statistics and we condemn and we deplore and we reject.

And these are not two equal sides: occupier and occupied.

And a hundred dead, two hundred dead, and a thousand dead.

And between that, war crime and massacre, I vent out words and smile “not exotic”, “not terrorist”.

And I recount, I recount a hundred dead, a thousand dead.

Is anyone out there?

Will anyone listen?

I wish I could wail over their bodies.

I wish I could just run barefoot in every refugee camp and hold every child, cover their ears so they wouldn’t have to hear the sound of bombing for the rest of their life the way I do.

Today, my body was a TV’d massacre

And let me just tell you, there’s nothing your UN resolutions have ever done about this.

And no sound-bite, no sound-bite I come up with, no matter how good my English gets, no sound-bite, no sound-bite, no sound-bite, no sound-bite will bring them back to life.

No sound-bite will fix this.

We teach life, sir.

We teach life, sir.

We Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life, sir."

Tears down my cheek while I'm watching and listening to it.

I know that all of you have many and different opinion regarding to this issue. I wont be offended by that. But, let me talk about humanity. Does ending one's life without a proper reason is the right thing? Does it right to take over other people's possession without the owner's permission? If you have that sense of humanity, and yes I bet all human have that humanity.

Bye and take care. xoxo

Saturday, March 7, 2015

One Day Ustajah

Assalamualaikum and hai

Macam mana nak eja nama ustazah ni? - Naqib
Amboi, bertuah nama dapat duk kat "NAMA GURU" tu haha

Today is a "being-called-ustazah" day. Haahahaha what a funny and unexpected experience today. Tak pasal-pasal kena jadi ustajah. 

The real story is,my lecturer was searching for facilitators for Kem Bestari Solat at SK Gambang last Wednesday I guess.Sk Gambang tu dekat je dengan cfs. So, I got that offer, and hmmm why not release stress melayan kanak-kanak yang comel. Then I decided to join as a facilitator together with about 30 others including one of my roommate, Fadzilah.

Teringat je, nak gelak pun hado. Honestly, I'm not good in handling kids especially with age 3 and above. Kalau infants or toddlers tu, ada lah sikit skil tu heh.

Okay, sampai,bahagi kumpulan and duduk kumpulan masing-masing. We, the facilitators supposed to explain, tanya-tanya and tasmik with them the things regarding to wudhu and solat. I got a group of 12 that in Darjah 2.

The thing is, budak-budak ni, subhanallah banyak cakap, banyak tanya, banyak kerenah. Too many question being asked sampai aku rasa emmm 

Bila dah start, cakap-cakap, then "Ustazah, bila kita nak tulis ni?" sambil semua bawak keluar buku tulis and buku teks.

Bila nak start boleh tulis, "Ustazah, kena selang ke?" "Ustazah,tulis mula belakang ke depan?" "Ustazah, tajuk apa ni?" "Ustazah, hari ni hari apa, berapa hari bulan?"

Bila tengah menulis, "Ustazah, yang ni kena tulis jugak ke?" sebab dah banyak menulis, dah bosan, *tadi mintak nak tulis sangat,amik ko haaa

Bila dah tanya pukul berapa rehat and balik, "Ustazah, dah pukul berapa?" pastu semua duk baca jam kat dalam kelas tu.

"Ustazah, bila nak gi surau ni, nak solat" in the middle of 12 tengah hari *ustajah geleng kepala*

Budak-budak tu dah la cenonet, banyak cakap pulak tu. Honestly, it was uncontrollable. Ustajah tengah cakap kat depan, tiba-tiba ada yang duk kejar-kejar kat belakang. Kawan jalan tepi kelas pun dia tegur. Tahap keaktifan tu tahap maksima. 

Then, belajar how to take wudhu, solat, niat solat, etc. Kalau yang dah pandai tu, nampak sangat muka boring tunggu kawan-kawan yang tengah nak belajar. 

group yang suka sangat nak tulis. semua benda mintak nak tulis.

cikgu, kenapa nak ambik gambar kita? - Haqimi (the only one that called me 'cikgu')

Soalan last diorang tanya,
"Ustazah, minggu depan ustazah datang lagi ke?" "Tak awak, ustazah datang hari ni je"
Lepas tu semua senyap...

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Assalamualaikum and haii all

A not-so-lucky week. Things just dont go well for me in these 2 weeks. Got fever and its package (flu, headache,sakit badan). Nasib baik tak batuk Alhamdulillah if not, I'll menyusahkan orang lain dengan dont-disturb-me-i-am-pissed-off-with-everything face.

And the things is, I've got may things have to be done last week and this week. Yesterday (Saturday) I had Biology test. Can you imagine how I struggled to study Biology with my terrible condition and sampai satu tahap rasa macam dah lupa apa yang dah baca haha sebab sakit kepala. On that day, I just tawakkal to Allah that semuanya akan berjalan lancar. Anndd the test was not too okay, pada akulah, it was really bad (insert nangis emoticon).

Next week will gonna be another tough week. I have Math quiz on Thursday which is I'm still blur with that analytic trigonometry things. And tomorrow I have to submit introduction draft for my research and I've been done nothing on it. Yet I still open my laptop and membebel kat sini, kan? Nampak tak kat situ. Have to submit tutorial on tomorrow morning and few other thing had to be done.

It's getting hotter right these day plus the sunstroke. mbSebab tu kena demam. My body cepat detect perubahan cuaca, I'll the first one that probably akan dapat penyakit since antibody lemah. It will be worse if I'm in the middle of stress. I'll be tanak bangun, tanak cakap dah macam ada depression.

Anyway, when I'm ill it is He who cures me. Sakit tu, Allah nak hapus dosa. Sedarlah bahawasanya dosa tu banyak. Why nak rasa serabut? just do apa yang termampu,insyaAllah Allah mudahkan. Takde motif membebel kat sini nak bagi tahu semua orang. But at least feel relieved laaa

Done with the mumbling. Pray for your and my good health. Amin. Bye