Sunday, May 22, 2016

The One when I Just Being Myself

I learned that I'm sucks in sharing my problem and complains to other people. 

People told me, often, that I'm rarely share my problem to other people. "Do you ever have problems or difficulties in your life?" Sounds like this, their words to me. Haha. Mannn, I'm a human being too, just like you. Of course there are times when I'm upset, annoyyed, nak marah orang, rasa macam nak flip the table. But mostly I failed to express it or talk about it. Because.... emmm , I just dont know why. I forgot about it, orrr wait, I keep on forgetting the things in the past. Am I having short-term memory problem? Ermmm

This is I want to tell you. From my perspective, yaa I do admit that I often forgot things, even I forgot what I felt. The true thing is, I totally easily get distracted. By anything. Contoh, tengah serabut stress annoyed with something sorang-sorang. Then, came my friend buat lawak share something funny huha huha gelak. At that time, terus lupa about the things that troubled me earlier. Thats it.  Mudah terhibur,you can say.  Malam sebelumnya, some of my classmate really annoyed me, feel like nak cepukk je each of them. But the day after, aku gelak jugak diorang buat lawak dalam kelas. Having problems tu wajib, we are humans. But I tend not to -share with others, mostly. Not because I dont trust them, but I dont feel like to share. Kadang-kadang bendanya too personal, maybe between me and Him only. But things that needed to be shared, of course I will share with my close friend and family. And being as the center of attention is totally not my thing. People giving their attention to me? Oh noo, its feeling weird, I will be, extremely maluu and say, "no need to do this to me!" I'm sorry,that introvert thing is going strong haha.

And I am totally fine being like this. Penat doe nak rasa sakit hati marah-marah orang. Handling problems according to your emotion, you will end up penat, physically and mentally. Having a positive mind is a bless I can say. Because everyone has their own reason,on why they are doing something. Tak berkenan, try being in his or her shoes. Trying to be empathy but not too much. Being too kind can also harm you. People tend to take advantage on you. Be kind and firm.

Some people are having trouble when dealing with me. While I'm just being myself there hehe. Should I be sorry for being myself? err. 

I learned that you cant wait people to go to you and ask, "Are you okay?" . Everyone is busy with their own life thus they obviously cant make their time to take care of your problem and emotion. So, things need to be done, have to be done. 

People also say I am cool. Oh mannn. Weaaalyyy?? Meh sini, *hugs*

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