Sunday, November 6, 2016

of morning coffee

Assalamualaikum and morning guys

This morning, wake up with the chill all over my body. Lately, the weather become more humid biasanya kalau all day long will be mendung and hujan and it is indicating that the monsoon will soon arrive. Plus I'm staying at Pantai Timur region.

Bangun pagi tadi dengan perasaan seribu penyesalan dalam hati cursing diri sendiri whyyyyy kenapa aku tak study malam tadi? malam tadi aku buat apa? aku tak start study apa apa lagi ni . Hmm tu lah. I am supposed to start revising on Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life subject since the exam will be on Monday. Well, biasalah kita hanya merancang puihhh. I end up with doing othing and sleep early last night. Bravo Amni, bravo. Then, jump up from the cozy bed, go to shower and make breakfast. Tadaa weekend breakfast.

coffee for breakfast is a wajibun untuk seorang amni

and a muffin from last night dinner leftover lol

Usually on weekdays only manage to make a cup of coffee since class start at 8 am everyday. Kadang-kadang tak sempat makan apa apa then, between class at 10 am baru breakfast.

And there was a calling at my department whatsapp group for everyone with free time to go to the Glasshouse to settle some works. But sorry  my program manager, rasa bersalah tak study malam tadi lagi menghantui huhu petang later I pergi yee

I have to begin my revision on this Ethics and Fiqh subject lol Kau buat apa menulis kat sini lagi ni ameni hah

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