Monday, March 7, 2016

it is never too late.

As someone who are dear to me said,
" it is never too late to start again "

Well, it affects me, so much. When I was finding myself, she give me this quote. It was suddenly make me realize that I'd lost my dear self to another me that built from my negative thinking. I forgot how I was optimist back then. It's make me realize that I shouldnt give up and I have to make it up again.

Whenever I am doing things, I never forget that there will be another chance if I fail the first chance. Like the saying, dont worry if your plan A is failed, there are 25 more alphabet for you to try. But it doesnt mean that I dont have to do my best at the first try. Definitely I have to try my very best to do anything but this saying told me, the 'hope' is there if you dont success in the first try. It will avoid myself from being pessimist and heart broken.

It's fascinating when one's simple word can change my life. Even the most cliche one.

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