Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dilemma of a Blogger and Instagrammer

I am often in confusing whenever I want to post or share something. Pening! Nak share kat instagram ke blog?

Me everytime :

Okay, lemme take a pic of this ,wanna share on instagram. Then bila taip caption, alamakk panjang la pulak, better buat entry baru kat blog, taklah bersawang je blog tu.

Then, bila nak taip kat blog, emmmm macam tak best je, pendek sangat tak worth an entry pun. And sometime, idea nak tulis caption kat ig tu mencurah-curah tapi bila nak menaip entry kat blog terus blank idea hilang terbang.

Eventually, I did not post or share on both haha. This is just a waste making myself pening choosing between those two. I dont know whether other people experience this but I am seriously having problem with this.

Aih susah-susah. Last last neither ig nor blog yang active. Dua dua bersawang.

Susahnya jadi seorang amni. Selalu buat kepala sendiri pusing.

This entry too. Was confused nak post kat instagram ke blog? But most people dont know I own a blog, so not gonna share this in instagram teehee

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  1. Well, pendapat I, caption yang panjang kat insta not worth it to read but even entry yang pendek dan ringkas pun dah cukup untuk readers :)