Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey guys

Guys, right now I feel like to write so hopefully I will finish this as soon as possible. Taklah tersimpan kat draft je kan. Thinking back, I already own this blog for about 6 years. Its all began in 2009 when I was in form 2. I started to blog in the age of 14 when we were asked to sign up a blog when studying ICT subject at school.

This thing was unintended at all. I was nerd, intimidate, introvert and what so on personality of a boring person. Haha. Tak menarik langsung hidup aku dulu. Eleh sekarang pun apa kurangnya.

Looking back, honestly I didnt make any significant improvement or whatsoever big changes since I started this blog. Semangat nak berblog tu turun naik turun naik kadang kadang tenggelam terus. Sometimes, I have a lot of things to write about but it ended I forgot all that things. Mostly, I get the impromptu and awesome (welll I can say it awesome) ideas during shower,ah well then totally lose them when I finish with the shower. Sia sia brainstorm time shower end up lupa.

I blog just because I want to. Its kind of fun to do this thing because it makes me think, think and think. It helps me express myself but when I do it, I do get a little attention and it was sooo awkward honestly. Sebab tu kalau nak publish something personally, fikir hundreds times dulu. Because I have the thing that I dont know what you called it but I called it attention-phobia. I do think attention is good because it helps to build your confidence but being a attention seeker is a big NO ahaa.

Its been 6 years, but why my published entries was so little? Because I deleted some of them. Why? Because some of them are the immature side of me. They were the past of me. Me in the past is the one that I dont want to get back, because I knew I lack so much back then. So, dont judge my past and know my present will be the best. It will, malu gila kot kalau korang baca entry entry lama dulu, zaman jahiliah dulu well tak nak , so by deleting them I boleh move on hahaha.

p/s : I'm soryy if my language kind of tunggang langgang. Jetlag tak habis lagi baru balik hostel naik bas tadi dari rumah.

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