Saturday, October 3, 2015

Degree Life, ByeBye Home

I'd been mumbling and rumbling some of my thought and rumbles here but I forgot to update my current life that I'm living right? Haha. Kind of, I don’t know. Maybe I'm just doing good and there's nothing to be complained. Yaa like kalau ada complain baru membebel kat sini kan.

I'm starting my degree now. Having myself ready for another 4 years here and a lot of upcoming to be expected. So far my life is good. Oh yaa I'm adapting nicely here. New friends here and there and it suits me. I love this as I like to meet new people each day. It's been a month okay my degree life started. Fuhhh Alhamdulillah so far I'm surviving. 

Haha actually its kind of sad. Had 3 months honeymoon at home rasa macam tak nak start degree. No more things that I'd been done at home. And no more Hawai Five-0, Grey's Anatomy,CSI,NCIS, no more The Reagans! Oh myy I cannot move on from that. Dah hari-hari layan Blue Blood dah overly attached dengan The Reagans. Okayy all I've been watching is AXN. Dah takde channel lain haha.

So, forget about that and pray hard so that I will have a great time here. A lot of new things and its kind of unexpected some time.

And to all my friend yang just walk into degree life, mohler kita sama sama enjoy it as much as we can. Good Luck y'all.

A recently decent(sebab yang lain tak senonoh) picture of mine at my Kuliyyah . Finally managed to snap a pic there.

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