Sunday, September 6, 2015


There was once in your life, you fall and hit rock bottom. You hurt. A lot. Like  a deep cut with nonstop bleeding. And seem that you cant find the way out of it. You cant think the solution anymore. You thought that no one can help you. You though it was your fault. Your confidence scattered. Your self esteem hit the bottom.

I was,once in that situation, recently. And it hit me hard. I cant think of any way that can solve it. I cry, cry and cry. Almost everyday. Thinking what is happening to me. Trying to figure out why this happen to me. Was it my fault for not doing my best? Was it already being written as my destiny?
Was it? And too many was it

Trying to get back on the right track is easier said than done. I've done everything that I could. I tried this and that. Make me did a lot of thinking.

But all I had gone through were nothing but true experience. The experience that taught me a lot of thing. Proved to me that our life is like a roller coaster. Taught me who are the person in me.

Forget all the bad things and start anew.

 *This post is the old one, just decide to publish it hee

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