Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's my fault by the way.

Today, I realized that we could not trust everyone easily. Before taking any action, I must think wisely what the consequences when I decided to take that action. I was fool enough to make myself to be taken for granted. I was stupid enough to just do the work that assigned to me even though I was not supposed to do that work. I knew that was wrong but I didnt voice it out, just kept it inside me and hope that others will understand my situation. Then, I realized that others will not know what actually is happening until you tell them about it. So, that was my fault who believe that human will understand each other just by their instinct. But no. Every single things need to be voiced out, explained in a best way in order to others to understand. Because humans are busying to understand themselves until they had no chance to understand others.

Then, eventually, I failed to do the works that assigned to me. And it ruined everyone that involve in the work. That was my fault. For being such an irrational person. Like. Ever. So, in the next time, express your feeling and opinion well Amni.

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