Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep Dreaming and Running On

Assalamualaikum and Hi all.

Dah lebih sebulan aku stay kat sini. Sebulan lebih sikit-sikit je tau, jangan over okay. Sekarang baru nak excited update pasal life kat sini. Dah lame ok. errr. Ada aku kesahh ? Asalkan aku dapat menaip untuk lepaskan stress aku ni, aku tak kisah.

Haha. Im still the same person you saw and knew me in the past. Im the one who was and still crazy, introvert, skema, quiet, cool and and and pape je lah yang korang tengah fikirkan sekarang nih. Maybe kalau ada improvement tu, Alhamdulillah heee.

Living my life here not easy but not too hard. Kat sinilah aku struggling in my study. This semester is tough but Im sure other semesters will be tough too. But I guess this semester more challenging because of new environment. Susah nak adapt diri aku kat sini, mak long lah budak jakun first time duduk hostel.  Mostly, kat sini ex-MRSM,ex-SBP,ex-Maahad and sekolah-sekolah berasrama penuh and berprestasi tinggi. Scary doe. Haha

Here I face many things, those exciting and unexpecting moments. Macam-macam aku lalui. Got the lowest marks in quizzes, my English writing was the worst ever, my presentation was damn, struggling to understand physics like I'd always was during my high school. And it continues here which I dont know why, maybe I dont have any chemistry with physics LOL, have to do paperworks and proposal for programs. Some times it hurts, some times it nices. Not every days run smoothly, ye lah kan, ada hari yang awesome, ada hari yang.. ahh. memang stress gila kot. But Alhamdulillah, I still can manage them all. And keep the cool and blank face on my face LOL

Keep calm and nomnomnomnom

But I'll never forgot that I'd so many awesome time here. Here, I got to fulfill my wishlist sebelum aku masuk sini *cett,wishlist segala bagai mak cik ni* Di sinilah aku boleh ber-society, speak my mind out, join banyak-banyak event sampaikan aku tak sempat pun pergi semua program tuh. Bajet je join banyak-banyak. Kelas pun penuh siang malam, mana nak sempat Haha. Got awesome roommates,  really ambitious and great classmates, nice lecturers, admirable and respected seniors. My staying here make me feel really humble. Rasa kecik je berbanding dengan orang-orang awesome ini semua. Rendah hati terasa..

I know maybe some things are not suitable to speak out. Tapi aku sengaja tulis and share my experience supaya aku ingat sampai bila-bila. Especially those stupid and not appropriate things that I did. Aku nak aku ingat yang aku pernah lakukan kesalahan tu, so get up, reflect and do better in future. Thats it. Tak berniat apa-apa pun.

Hmmm apa lagi ek nak tulis? Totally out of idea now. Life as a foundation student here, in CFSIIUM is not easy but tough. Although this is not the very first choice of mine, I know He's the best planner to me. I hope that I'll keep smiling and calm eventhough I had to go through the pain. In shaa Allah.

Life is Just 3 Cs : You must take a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE
Nexy week, Physic Test is coming. Seriously takutttt :( Tapi wat lek wat peace update blog. Do pray for my test, bukan sebarang test, ala ala midsem exam gitu euheuheu. Moga Allah permudahkan urusan aku di sini. Amin.

Asslamualikum and Bye uolls.


  1. Im sure you can do it dear. Good luck :D don't worry too much :*

  2. Yeah, I want to believe that I can do it ! hehe. thanks very muchys dear :p

  3. Welcomeeeee n do share your experiences here ;D don't be like me haha

  4. haha ada pulak camtu. do share yours too,I beg you pleaseee ! haha jk