Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Night is Still Alive and Young, So do the Memories

Saturday.10.35 am. Lying on the bed. Eh nope, I'm not sleeping okay but just lying. you know,lying. errrr With the laptop, in front of me. While I'm doing some pieces of writing to make sure my blog is updated after two month. College Physic book is lying beside me, closed since this early morning and I dont know when I'll open the book again. ahhh

Assalamualaikum and hi all. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
That lines. I was supposed to publish this entry on last weekend but.. you know,its always happen that those idea was just runaway from my brain haha. See,some excuses from me. So  lazy mah to think what to write. Then,end up with 5 lines jakk haha *mak ai tengok tu,multilanguage segala*

Takpe takpe malam ni nak sambung entri tu yang tertangguh.

It shows already 12.26 am. And still cant sleep. Blames on the caffeine haha. Sape suruh minum Nescafe memalam buta nih,kan dah kena padahnya, Jadi pandalah aku malam ni. Still lying on bed, pressing the keyboard that produce clicking sound whenever I press any letter *a little bit noisy* , College Physic book on the side *yes,still* closed *again* anddd it'll be test tomorrow ! Nope, not tomorrow but about 10 hours more on countdown. Actually, want to take a five minutes rest but it had been an hour O.o Seriously, procrastination had lead me to be like this, be an owl with panda eyes whenever there'll be test or quiz the next day. Kinda dont like it but have to,but end up with blogging or scrolling the Twitter's timeline. LOL sound like critical and serious problem of me right haha.

One of my roommate said, "Procrastination is the time's killer" whenever she seeing me laid back, doing nothing haha. Seems she understand my serious illness and thanks to her, I always reminded to not to delay my assignment Alhamdulillah. But still not fully recovered as you can see my situation right now kahkahkah *amboi mak cik,sopannya gelak*

Feeling the pressure now, as the end of semester just few weeks more so as the final exam. I tend not to think about it because I still feel to laugh and enjoy my days without stress but still taking note that I have to be ready for the final. Yet, you have to have fun, I really mean it guys. No matter whatever assignment, quiz, test, project, report that have to be done and the dateline always really insane, but have fun doing it. Put the sincerity and think positively. Memang lah kadang-kadang memang susah, aku pun rasa macam nak telan je assignment project bagai tu haha nak migrain, headache hari-hari dibuatnye but still trying to keep calm. He's always there for us guys *senyum sikit*

Kisah sebenarnya, minggu ni memang stress. English Speaking Test, Physic Test, ICT quiz, program's proposal need to be submitted,assignments of course berlambak. Tapi Alhamdulillah, still dapat gelak sakan dengan rommates  and classmates. And dipermudahkan urusan oleh-Nya. Tittew sukeee sukiii sangat-sangat ;p And yang lebih awesome lagi, I'm really really grateful that the ukhuwah still strong between me and my friends, to be exact my high school friends *Saen jak kecik lagi* LOL copy siket orang lain punye ayat. Get call from them, messanges, wechat and whatsapp. Ya Allah, thank you korang sebab ingat saya lagi. Seriously, memang bahagia sangat dapat borak-borak, chatting and automatically teringat zaman muda-muda dulu,moment-moment bersama-sama. And saya sangat rindukan awok-awok semua huhu emo.sedih. Because most of them had been my classmates for the my entire five years of high school. From Form 1 to Form 5. Of course cikgu-cikgu lagilah saya rinduuu. haaaa nak nanges euheuheu

#throwback Last day of SPM. semua muka bahagia tersangat-sangat. #rindu

The Great Alphanian. dulu annoying, sekarang rindu haha . kadang-kadang je annoying tuu :p


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  2. titew pun rindu jugak dekat awak :( semoga baik2 sahaja kat sana. jaga diri leklok ye.