Friday, April 13, 2012

a little thing that called ' HOPE '

Assalamualaikum and hello to all Earthing kat luar sane !!!!

SERIOUSLY , I miss you , my blog , my fb , my twitter , my online friend , my msn messenger and ultimately ! I miss this thing that called INTERNET !!! ahhhhh ,  feeling so awesome bila dapat online hari ni !! hahaha macam dah dapat 10 A+ SPM *sengal* InsyaAllah ....

there's so many things that happened this few weeks and too many things that I want to share with you all . tears , smiles , laugh , anger , annoy , grateful , thankful. all the emotions , I had experienced all even it just a few weeks . so hectic and strenuous time I ever had .  

and one thing that I just realize is 'oh , now I just know this is how being a teenager and a spm candidate' TT.TT with those extremely a lot of homework , pressure from the teachers who want me to do this and that  , too many big things that needed to memorize even the little one , relationship with others , weekend is  not the days to rest now and get enough sleep is not a priority now . and now , I miss my bed ~~~ truely !! hohoho *so sadis*  

spite of that devil , ruthless and all the words that can describes the 'kejam' word , I'm still grateful that I've too many people around me , to be with me to get along those things . my family of course , those friend that I ultimately love , my teachers that always give me the true paths . through them , I get the things that called 'HOPE' . and I'm very sure that as long as I don't give up , there's a HOPE . 

I had promise to myself , no matter how hard the stress I face , I will keep smiling as the world will also smile . just remember one of the quotes from my group for ULBS aka oral assessment about smile , "keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about"  

and keep the faith to Allah as Allah is the only one that will guide me and you to Al-Jannah :) Insya Allah

although this entry is a bit emotional and I don't know why this happen lol but thanks for read all my post here :) love you all !! and pray the best for me ok !! 
till here, bye all. mmmuuaaahhhh *sengal*

 I won't give up now as I know there's a long  journey I had to face in this life ^^

nota kaki kuasa satu : really miss berblogging x)
nota kaki kuasa dua : and sorry to my dear friend and sisters for not texting or calling you all as I'm busy       mending my self right here TT^TT
nota kaki kuasa tiga : thanks a bunch to whose miss me all the time and ways hehe
nota kaki kuasa empat : although study is hard , you will find the enjoyness to know the new things in it . seriously . peace no war :p
nota kaki kuasa lima *eh* : I'm truly love you guys !!! hahahaha XD
nota kaki kuasa enam x) : tiba-tiba bercita-cita nak jadi dokter gigi setelah dua batang gigiku telah dikorbankan oleh dokter gigi yang sweet n nice itu *sekali lagi budak ini sengal* :p
nota kaki *eh, cukup-cukup dah* : sori banyak kaki la pulak hari ni :D


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