Saturday, May 23, 2015

It is holiday everyone.

It had been a week.

Yeah I'm homeeeee !! teehee. Just got the internet laju to update this thing. haha. One thing that I miss when I'm leaving CFS is the unlimited and super fast internet Alhamdulillah. Now, have to stay up late to use the internet. The perks of being in kampung lol.

And now, I'm being the laziest people at home. haha. Been planning to do a lot a lot of things but havent strart anything yet. hmmm typical situation experienced by students in hols. Mereput je koje. And didnt plan to share my list-to-do here because I'm afraid that I'm not going to fulfill it kyaaa tak aci camni.

Well, I just want to get inspired this holiday. I'm still not sure whether my holiday will be a short one or a long one. just wait and see. But my ultimate motive this time around is to get inspired in everyone or everything that I will encounter in my daily life. Well, we, human tend to not appreciate the moment we are facing right. We tend to appreciate or inspired or realize it only after it pass or gone right. So, I made promise to myself, always take something from everything that happen around me and inspired from it.

I'm always curious what will happen next as it will be totally different from what I had imagined. Trust me, it will be different from what you were planned or imagined.

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