Sunday, March 1, 2015


Assalamualaikum and haii all

A not-so-lucky week. Things just dont go well for me in these 2 weeks. Got fever and its package (flu, headache,sakit badan). Nasib baik tak batuk Alhamdulillah if not, I'll menyusahkan orang lain dengan dont-disturb-me-i-am-pissed-off-with-everything face.

And the things is, I've got may things have to be done last week and this week. Yesterday (Saturday) I had Biology test. Can you imagine how I struggled to study Biology with my terrible condition and sampai satu tahap rasa macam dah lupa apa yang dah baca haha sebab sakit kepala. On that day, I just tawakkal to Allah that semuanya akan berjalan lancar. Anndd the test was not too okay, pada akulah, it was really bad (insert nangis emoticon).

Next week will gonna be another tough week. I have Math quiz on Thursday which is I'm still blur with that analytic trigonometry things. And tomorrow I have to submit introduction draft for my research and I've been done nothing on it. Yet I still open my laptop and membebel kat sini, kan? Nampak tak kat situ. Have to submit tutorial on tomorrow morning and few other thing had to be done.

It's getting hotter right these day plus the sunstroke. mbSebab tu kena demam. My body cepat detect perubahan cuaca, I'll the first one that probably akan dapat penyakit since antibody lemah. It will be worse if I'm in the middle of stress. I'll be tanak bangun, tanak cakap dah macam ada depression.

Anyway, when I'm ill it is He who cures me. Sakit tu, Allah nak hapus dosa. Sedarlah bahawasanya dosa tu banyak. Why nak rasa serabut? just do apa yang termampu,insyaAllah Allah mudahkan. Takde motif membebel kat sini nak bagi tahu semua orang. But at least feel relieved laaa

Done with the mumbling. Pray for your and my good health. Amin. Bye

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