Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Assalamualaikum. And. Hi. Awak. Semua.

Cant sleep. wondering and wondering. Wondering of what should I do in this darkness.

And realizing that I havent update this baby munchkin for a loooong time. Alaa acah acah sayang belog bersawang nih wakaka.

Listening to break up song. Dont know why, but I feel the lyrics. So heartbroken. Yet the music become addiction in my nerve.

And I realize eventually I have Chemistry tutorial to be done. Yet not even start it. Untouch. Then, what Im doing here, wasting my time rumbling to this nonsense. I dont know, cant figure it. My mind is confused,puzzled. Yet even thinking about this, it ludicrous. Ludicrous. Yes, very ludicrous.

Enough Amni, you may stop now. Or youll regret this. Trust meh.

Jangan nak merapu benda pelik-pelik.

Pelik pulak aku rasa.


That song. Replay it over and over.



Pergi buat tuto.


Semua. Assalamualaikum.

Good Luck baby good luck to you...

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